At his joint press conference with the President of Switzerland Hans-Rudolf Merz, President Victor Yushchenko said that Ukraine hopes for Switzerland’s support in the talks on establishing free trade zone with the European Free Trade Association that had begun on April 29, according to the President`s press-office.

Answering the question on possible time of signature of the agreement President Yushchenko said that it is early to speak about that, as the process would be long and complicated. From his part President Merz stressed hope that the talks would not be too long although should come through several stages.

President Yushchenko informed that in today’s talks sides have discussed many questions of bilateral cooperation between Ukraine and Switzerland, including trade and economic ties, science and technology, liberalization of visa regulations, humanitarian cooperation, etc.

He said that sides have affirmed commonality of views on perspectives of development of bilateral cooperation. President Merz added here that “our possibilities of cooperation in economy or science are not yet exhausted”.

Victor Yushchenko also said that during the talks he thanked Switzerland for financial-technical support in implementation of  projects in such areas as protection of maternity and children, reformation of central and local authorities, etc.

Separately he thanked Swiss side for support of Ukraine’s international efforts aimed at honoring victims of the Holodomor 1932-1933.