Russian President Vladimir Putin may visit Ukraine in the second half of December, a presidential aide said Tuesday, according to RIA Novosti.

      "We are trying to organize a meeting by the end of 2006," Sergei Prikhodko said. Putin paid a previous visit to Ukraine in March 2006. 

      Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said last week that Russia and Ukraine successfully managed to resolve a majority of their bilateral problems, but that some still remain, among them the issue of demarcating the long-disputed border between the countries, which runs through the Azov and Black Seas, and the Kerch Strait.

      A confrontation over the Tuzla Island in the Kerch Strait erupted in the summer of 2003 when Russia`s attempt to construct a dam there provoked a bitter dispute with its neighbor, which accused Russia of encroaching on its territory.