Russia’s former ambassador to Ukraine, Viktor Chernomyrdin, sees no reason why Russia should apologize to Ukraine for the voiced suspicion about its inability to pay for natural gas.

“I do not know who is to apologize and to whom. If Ukraine is ready to pay, we shall be only happy,” Chenomyrdin said. “Russia wants Ukraine to be able to pay for the gas it consumes. So Russia cannot but be concerned about Ukraine’s solvency.”

Earlier, Russia expressed alarm over the risk the Naftogaz Ukrainy company might default on payments for the gas supplied in May. Ukrainian presidential commissioner for international energy security affairs, Bogdan Sokolovsky, told a news briefing Kyiv was waiting for Moscow’s apologies for the insolvency charges.

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“After the payments for gas have been posted we hope to hear Russia’s apologies for the statements addressed to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people that were made public to Europe and the whole world”, he noted.