Earlier in the day, a number of media cited Peskov's interview with the Deistvuyushchiye Litsa (Political Actors) with Nailya Askar-zade program on the Rossiya-1 television channel, where he allegedly told about Putin's non-public meetings with Poroshenko, TASS reported.

Read alsoPoroshenko's administration: No contacts with Putin since Minsk accords"No one has ever told about any meetings," Peskov told TASS. "I said nothing in my interview about such meetings."

During the interview, the host asked when Putin has the latest meeting with Poroshenko. She recalled that "last year saw such contacts that were reported to the press after several months," obviously referring to Poroshenko's statements of May 2017 that he had had a telephone conversation with Putin two months before. The Kremlin press service said nothing about that conversation.

When answering Nailya Askar-zade's questions Peskov spoke about Putin's international contacts in general. "The president holds a lot of meetings and contacts of non-public nature and we don't inform about them. It is a routine practice. So, when you see the president's rich daily agenda of dozens of various meetings, news conferences, statements, talks and so forth, it doesn't mean that the president's working day is limited to them: it is much busier and more informative than one can see on television. So, indeed, there can be meetings we don't report to the mass media," Peskov said in his interview.