EU Security Commissioner Julian King says the European Union is a target of a pro-Russian disinformation campaign, aimed at turning open democratic systems against themselves.

"There is little doubt that we are currently dealing with a sophisticated, carefully orchestrated pro-Russian government-led disinformation campaign," writes EU Security Commissioner Julian King wrote in a feature for Die Welt, Zeit reports.

"The Russian military apparently perceive the Internet as a new field of deployment in which misinformation is used as a weapon."

According to King, threats in cyberspace include hacking attacks and malicious software, terrorist online propaganda, manipulating behavior of a large number of people through "fake news", and turning our open democratic systems into a weapon that is directed against themselves.

As an example, he cited recent reports that the European Union is said to have downplayed incest practices in Georgia.

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In addition, it has been working together with online platforms to tackle illegal content such as incitement to terrorism.

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