Iran has lost about 120m dollars in the IrAn-140 aircraft project but failed to achieve a desirable result, according to BBC Monitoring Service. The economic adviser of the Iranian embassy in Ukraine, Ali Akbar Mehrabi, told this to a Defense Express correspondent.

      Only three aircraft have been assembled and another one is being assembled since the contract was signed 11 years ago. "Under the project, we should assemble 12 aircraft a year," Mehrabi said.

      Parts for An-140 come to Iran with great delay. He said that this is the problem of the company which produces the aircraft and parts for it. Some difficulties can be resolved during talks, Mehrabi said. They would appear anyway as the project is implemented. Some others were caused by Ukraine changing the terms of cooperation, Mehrabi believes.

      "It should be noted that Ukraine has agreed at the tope level that the project has not been implemented appropriately and Iran has already lost about 120m dollars," Mehrabi said. [Passage omitted: The project was discussed on 2 November in Kiev - see Mehr news agency, Tehran, in English 1440 gmt 28 Oct 06.]

      This news was monitored by the ArtUkraine Monitoring Service for the Action Ukraine Report.