"Russian people live there [in Crimea], people who support [the idea of] Crimea belonging to Russia. We must take this into account. I see only one way to solve this problem – an international referendum on the status of Crimea, for all people living in Ukraine and all people living in Russia, all together, to take part. The referendum will pose three questions: whether Crimea should be independent, part of Russia, or part of Ukraine," said Sobchak, who many believe will merely be a technical candidate in Russian elections to help Vladimir Putin create an appearance of a democratic election process and presence of an actual choice for the Russian voters.

Read alsoPutin may go to polling station in occupied Sevastopol in upcoming electionsAsked whether a similar proposal on a referendum from China with a larger population would have been fair in case of Bejing seizing part of the Russian territory, Sobchak said these two cases could not be compared.