Russia and Europe are moving closer to an all-out war, a shocking new report has warned.

The report said the erosion of arms control agreements, deployment of additional weapons and tensions over military exercises have increased the risk of an inadvertent armed clash, reported.

The annual Munich Security Report, this year entitled 'To The Brink - And Back?' also cited growing pressure on nuclear disarmament treaties and ongoing security concerns in eastern and central Europe as cause for concern.

Read alsoPentagon: U.S. needs small-yield bomb to deter "one country"The report warned: "In this dire state of affairs, miscalculations and misunderstandings could well lead to an inadvertent military clash."

The conflict in Ukraine also posed a huge stumbling block to de-escalation of tensions between Russia and the West, the report said, noting that a U.S. decision to provide lethal arms to Ukraine would probably cement the current