Official: One of Osama bin Laden's sons believed dead

10:56, 23 July 2009
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 A U.S. counterterrorism official says Saad bin Laden, one of the sons of Osama bin Laden, was probably killed earlier this year in Pakistan, according to CNN.

"We believe he is dead, although in all of these instances, unless you have DNA or other hard evidence, you don`t know for sure," said the official, adding that "other intelligence" led analysts to reach the conclusion he is likely dead.

The son, who is believed to have died in a missile strike by a U.S. predator drone, was not considered a significant player in al Qaeda.

Shortly after the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan in October of 2001, Saad fled the country and went to Iran, where he was held under house arrest for a number of years.

Former Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell said Saad left Iran last year and was believed to have resettled in the Pakistan-Afghanistan border region.

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