At least eight people died and 100 were poisoned when a passenger bus crashed against a truck transporting chlorine gas in the east of Venezuela, police said on Thursday, according to Xinhua.

 The accident occurred on Monday night, and the truck turned over and spilled the chlorine it had between Clarines and El Hatillo localities, in Anzoategui state.

    The gas escaped and spread in the zone, where some 100 people were poisoned, police said.

    Anzoategui governor Tarek William Saab said that some 100 people were poisoned for inhaling the chlorine and they were assisted at different clinics of the region.

The police blocked the vehicles to pass in the place of the accident, deviating the transit by alternative roads to avoid the poisoning of more people.

    The authorities requested inhabitants in the nearby no to turn on their air conditioners to avoid inhaling the chlorine.

    The poisoned patients were assisted by the emergencies services of Carlines Hospital, Luis Razzeto de Barcelona hospital and an aid unit of Piritu Port.