There is flap in the Hundred Acre Wood at the arrival of an otter called Lottie. No one can dislike an otter, it is just that everything in the Hundred Acre Wood has been unchanged – the bridge where they played Poohsticks, the name-board Sanders over Pooh`s house – since A A Milne brought it to public notice in the 1920s, according to Now an official sequel, Return to the Hundred Acre Wood, has been written by David Benedictus. In his "exposition" of the sequel, he has Christopher Robin asking: "Are you really going to write us new adventures, because we rather liked the old ones?" A good question.

Classic children`s stories are known by heart. They have limits. Are otters also to be introduced into Alice or The Tale of Peter Rabbit? Sometimes we want smaller worlds not bigger ones. A Hundred Acres is enough.