The Spanish cities of Barcelona and Madrid are considered among the best places in Europe to do business, according to a study published on Tuesday, according to Xinhua.

    Barcelona was the fourth best city in Europe for doing business, behind London, Paris and Frankfurt, while Spain`s capital Madrid ranked sixth, a study conducted by the consulting group Cushman and Wakefield revealed.

    Both cities have climbed in the rankings since last year`s findings, due in part to the current economic crisis.

    In addition, Barcelona has a reputation of being the European city offering the best quality of life to its inhabitants. Its mild climate and seaside location are regarded as highly attractive.

    However, both Barcelona and Madrid have some drawbacks. For example, Spain is seen as not being as advanced as some European countries in the area of telecommunications.

    Both cities also suffer from high levels of pollution, and their inhabitants are not as proficient in foreign languages as inhabitants of many other major cities.