The European Union is raising the question about wiping out the asymmetric visa regime between Ukraine and 7 EU countries.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, Foreign Minister of Ukraine Borys Tarasyuk claimed this at a meeting with representatives of the European Business Association.

“Unfortunately, EU raises question about abolishing this regime for Ukrainian citizens with these 7 countries, which does not delights us”, B.Tarasyuk said.

He disclosed that the overwhelming majority of Ukrainian citizens visit namely these countries. B.Tarasyuk is convinced that serious talks must be held on this issue, and he hopes that the EU delegation “will receive a new mandate, which will stipulate recognition of this reality”.

B.Tarasyuk recalled that the asymmetric visa regime stipulates that Ukrainian citizens “visit the mentioned-above countries by free visas, and the citizens of these countries visit Ukraine without visas”.

The asymmetric visa regime operates between Ukraine and Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Czechia.