The VII deliberations of chiefs of Ukrainian diplomatic missions abroad, which have been recently held in Kyiv, in its final document set the key task of the Ukrainian diplomacy as ensuring accession of Ukraine to the EU and NATO, as well as full-fledged integration into the world economic space, in particular, the WTO, according to Ukrinform. The Foreign Ministry shall fulfill the function of coordination center while realizing state policy in external relations, the document says.

Among other priorities of the Ukrainian diplomatic service were named protecting Ukrainian citizens abroad, introducing new regional policy, strengthening security in Europe, particularly, through solving the so said frozen conflicts in the region.

The VII diplomatic deliberations also named ensuring energy security of Ukraine another important task and, thus, the Foreign Ministry was determined as to promote search of alternative fuel supply sources and to organize new routes of fuel transportation both in Ukraine and Europe.

In the final document the diplomats said bilateral relations have remained the corner stone of the Ukrainian foreign policy. The development of strategic partnership on the grounds of observing mutual interests in relations with Russia, Poland and the USA, strengthening good-neighborly relations with limitrophe countries and steady forwarding cooperation with the countries of Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia, Latin America, Australia and the Oceania is the fundamental part of activities of the Ukrainian diplomatic service.