The current conflict in the energy sphere between Russia and Belarus may cause a rapprochement between Kyiv and Minsk.

Maksym Strikha, chief of the scientific programs of the Open Policy Institute and deputy chief of Sobor Ukrainian Republic Party, said this in comments to UNIAN.

“The current situation between Belarus and the Russian Federation put an end to the myth about the possibility of creating a union between Belarus and Russia with two equal subjects”, M.Strikha said. He quoted the statement of Russian politician Konstantin Zatulin, who said: “should Belarus want to have the energy carriers prices the same as in the Smolensk Region [of Russia], let Belarus become the Smolensk Region”.

The Sobor deputy chairman stressed that the commercial-economical war between Putin and Lukashenko narrows opportunities for maneuvers of the latter, that is why Lukashenko will try to achieve another level of dialog with Ukraine.

“All these allows to admit an opportunity of reanimation of the idea of the “Mezhmorye Union”, a Ukrainian-Belarussian initiative of early 90ies of the last century”, M.Strikha is convinced.

“In fact, the integration with Ukraine for Belarus is almost the only alternative to becoming a part of Russia as one of the six provincial regions”, the expert believes.