A lot has changed in music in 30 years and the most important change, according to an English survey, was the launch of downloadable music, according to Undercover web site.

Today marks the 25th anniversary of 1984`s Band Aid single release featuring Sir Bob Geldof et al, Do They Know It`s Christmas? It was this single that sparked the idea for the Live Aid concert the following July, and today, survey findings* from digital music broadcaster Music Choice reveal Live Aid to be considered the most important music event of the last 30 years.

Live Aid`s overall significance in shaping the music industry was voted second only to the launch of downloadable music (voted the number one innovation), and ahead of the death of Michael Jackson (most important death, 4th overall), the creation of talent shows such as Pop Idol and X Factor (9th) and the launch of music videos and music video television channels (6th).

Despite the single release being 25 years ago today, the original Live Aid concept beat the more recent 2005 `Live 8` concerts in terms of importance, which didn`t even make it into the top ten.

The survey, which polls thousands of music fans and helps Music Choice to improve the programming of its many non-stop digital music channels, also revealed that people believe the split of British girl group the Spice Girls to be a major turning point, which came in at number 10.

The original Band Aid concept was the idea of Sir Bob, who was moved by a BBC news report on famine in Ethiopia. He and Ultravox frontman Midge Ure worked on the Do They Know It`s Christmas? song which was released on the 29th November 1984, and eight months later the `global jukebox` gigs became a reality. It is now estimated that around £150million has been raised for famine relief as a direct result of the concerts.

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Ellen Lesemann-Andreadis, Senior Marketing Manager for Music Choice summarises: "The Music Choice survey delves into the emotional connection that people have with music. We go beyond short-term popularity stakes that are all too clear from chart positions and sales, and instead we investigate the relationship that consumers have with music."

So, if you`re a music lover, artist or listener, tired of listening to the same old programming or simply want more of a say in what the digital music industry sends your way, become part of the Music Choice 2009 survey.

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Top 10 most influential occurrences in music in the last 30 years:

1. Launch of downloadable music (19 per cent) - most important innovation

2. Live Aid (18 per cent) - most important event

3. Launch of the iPod (17 per cent)

3 Death of Michael Jackson (13 per cent) - most important death

5. Death of John Lennon (9 per cent)

6. Launch of music videos and music video TV channels (8 per cent)

7. Nelson Mandela Concert (6 per cent)

8. Death of Kurt Kobain (5 per cent)

9. Talent shows such as Pop Idol and X Factor (3 per cent)

10. Spice Girls Splitting up (2 per cent)