No one was seriously injured Tuesday evening when an American Airlines plane overshot a runway near Kingston, Jamaica, during bad weather and crashed into a fence, officials said, according to CNN.

Flight 331 was carrying 145 passengers plus seven crew members and was going from Miami to Kingston, said Omar Lawrence, operations coordinator at Norman Manley International Airport. The incident took place around 10:20 p.m.

Tim Smith, an American Airlines spokesman, refuted claims that the Boeing 737 broke into pieces but did say that there was damage to the fuselage, some cracks and the landing gear on one side of the plane collapsed.

Smith said they did not have an exact number of people injured but said most of the injuries were minor "bumps and bruises."

The flight originated in Washington D.C. before landing in Miami, Florida, and then heading to Jamaica, Smith said.

A Radio Jamaica reporter, Kirk Abraham, said it had been raining in the area and the plane ran into a fence after overshooting the runway.