The foreign ministers of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland, that form the Visegrad Four (V4), handed to their colleagues from the EU today a letter in which call for a more "robust" cooperation with eastern neighbours, according to CTK.

It ensues from the letter CTK has at its disposal that the V4 will submit within a few weeks a detailed proposal of ways of strengthening the union´s neighbourhood policy.

The V4 also calls in the letter for the "acceleration of their (eastern neighbours´) coming closer to the EU" and for offering them help in the implementation of reforms.

The letter was submitted within a meeting at which the EU foreign ministers approved a mandate for negotiations with Ukraine on a cooperation treaty.

Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg said in the debate that Ukraine is a European country and that the EU should do its most to help it.

He said this is no charity, but interests of the European Union.