Ukraine seeks to integrate into the European security system, Victor Yushchenko said in a speech during the 43rd Munich Conference on Saturday, according to the President`s press-office.

“We are following our European and Euro-Atlantic course, and our choice is irreversible.” 

He said European security must be integral.

“Its development should be consistent with the logic of all the recent geopolitical and continental changes,” he said.

The President said Ukraine had made an enormous contribution to global security over the past fifteen years. He reminded all that our country had voluntarily chosen to give up its nuclear weapons and contributed regularly to international peacekeeping efforts.

“Ukraine promotes democracy in the post-Soviet republics. Our position has been and will be intelligible and active,” he said.

Mr. Yushchenko said Ukraine’s role as a contributor to European security and stability was connected with energy issues. He added that Ukraine offered transparent cooperation to deliver energy to the European Union.

“The question is not what countries Ukraine is with. I think the countries that deliver energy should be treated as equal partners to formulate predictable, reliable, beneficial and environmentally safe mechanisms of ensuring energy security in Europe,” he said, adding that “Ukraine is cooperative and our attitude constructive.”

He said the greatest contribution to security had been made by Ukraine two years ago.

“It happened when our nation awakened to defend democracy. The Orange Revolution of 2004 helped continue European democratic processes and proved that Europe was united, as well as its values and security,” he said.

“We do practical things to make sure a new Europe appears. I emphasize this phrase as an antithesis to deliberate or unconscious actions that can make Ukraine stay in the murky zone of uncertainties and with a deficit of security.”