“I am delighted to announce a major step forward in the European fight against terrorism. The Council of Europe Convention on the Prevention of Terrorism will come into force on 1 June, as a result of its ratification by Romania today (In Ukraine it will enter in force on 1 June 2007),” CE Secretary General said in a statement, according to the CE Communication Office. His statement reads as follows:

“This Convention provides for an effective, robust and fair response to the threat of terrorism, one which stops more terrorists than it helps to recruit. We should be grateful to Romania for this breakthrough allowing the Convention to enter into force, but it is essential that the rest of our member states follow suit.

The Convention establishes as criminal offences several acts which lead to acts of terrorism, such as incitement, recruitment and training. It also reinforces international co-operation in the prevention of terrorism by modifying existing arrangements for extradition and mutual assistance. In short, this Convention will help to save human lives everywhere in Europe.

The Convention was opened for signature by the Heads of State and Government of the Council of Europe in May 2005. It served as a precursor for anti-terrorist measures at the global level and was followed by the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1624(2005), which echoes the Council of Europe approach to the fight against terrorism.”