A Norwegian court sentenced a commander of Ukrainian An-22 plane, who was arrested on 8 January on suspicion of getting drunk before the flight, to 5 months of imprisonment.

Deputy council of the Embassy of Ukraine to Norway Vitaliy Moshkovskiy disclosed this to Delo daily. In particular, he said: “On 23 January the court of Bergen city brought a verdict, in line with which the commander of An-22 Ukrainian transport plane was sentenced to 5 months of imprisonment”.

According to the words of the deputy council, the pilot did not complaint about the conditions of his custody and the state of his health.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the court of appeal of the city of Bergen, Norway, refused to release three Ukrainian pilots, who were arrested on January 8 on suspicion of getting drunk before the flight, a representative of the Ukrainian foreign ministry told.

So, Norway rejected the appeal of Ukraine, of which the Ukrainian embassy in Norway was officially informed on Thursday, he continued. On the ruling of the Norwegian court, three crewmembers – the flight commander and two pilots – were sentenced to preliminary imprisonment for a term of four weeks. Another four crewmembers were set free. The 8th member of the crew was set free after paying a fine.

The foreign ministry official said as well that the flight commander had had a telephone conversation with the consulate of the Russian embassy and had said he had had no complaints over the conditions in which they were kept.

The incident, connected with the arrest of the Ukrainian pilots, took place on January 8 at the Flesland airport, near Bergen. The crew of the Ukrainian An-22 plane were arrested by the police on suspicion of being drunk. The plane was to deliver oil equipment to Baku.