Victor Yushchenko’s interview with Georgia’s Rustavi 2 on Monday focused on political and economic issues, particularly Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations and cooperation within the Commonwealth of Independent States. Speaking about how to develop the country’s ties with Georgia, the President said his government was ready to help resolve the conflict in Abkhazia, according to the President`s press-office.

      He praised relations between Ukraine and Georgia and added that the two countries “see many important issues alike.”

      “We are building our future very similarly: we want to integrate into the European Union; our strategic goal is NATO membership; we seek to develop regional cooperation and promote values of freedom and democracy,” he said.

      Rustavi 2 is a popular television company in Georgia. R2 is a privately owned free to air terrestrial broadcaster that currently reaches around 84% of the country’s population. The area it covers outside Georgia via satellite 24-hour broadcasting includes Europe, the European part of Russia and the Middle East.