Viktor Yanukovych considers holding the sitting of the Ukraine-EU Parliamentary Cooperation Committee in Kyiv, that was resumed after a four-year break, proves concernment from the European Parliament’s side towards cooperation with Ukraine, according to the government’s press-office.

Opening the Committee’s sitting Prime Minister noted that today the state experience common consensus concerning acquiring by Ukraine membership at the EU. European integration still is a priority of state policy and Government, President and Verkhovna Rada have the same position in this issue, Viktor Yanukovych emphasized.

Nevertheless Ukraine’s leadership acknowledges the necessity of inner transformations, first of all, reforming of economics, adaptation of Ukrainian legislation to the legislation of the EU, curbing corruption and the primary issue which is creation of European standards in all domains of Ukrainian citizens’ life.

The Head of the Government stressed that absence of a clear position regarding European perspective of Ukraine in the EU Council conclusions arouses disappointment among Ukrainian society. Apropos of this on February 22 of the current year Anti-crisis coalition and Parliament opposition have supported corresponding statement of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine gaining 399 votes.

Prime Minister urged Europarliamentaries during the run-up process of Ukraine-EU agreement to account for the progress achieved in the relations between Ukraine and the EU as well as define the prospects of Ukraine’s gait towards Europe.