Ministry of Internal Affairs(MIA) of Russia announced that MIA bodies and Federal migration service will not institute administrative proceedings against Ukrainian citizens for not timely (in three-days term) getting through the registration procedure, defined by the new federal law “On migration registration…” and Russian Government’s regulation of January 15, 2007, according to the government’s press-office.

      Corresponding instructions were sent to all Russian MIA, local departments of internal affairs and territory bodies of Federal migration service of Russia.

      This decision was made during the talks between governments of Russia and Ukraine concerning preserving of free visa regime for citizens of both countries under conditions of introduction of new legislative norms in Russian Federation.

      A Russia-Ukraine agreement on free visa travel and the Protocol to it, which are in effect today, in particular defined the simplified order relating to a longer term of registration on the Russian territory than it is determined by the present Russian legislation.

      During the talks the parties agreed to act with the aim to achieve mutual interpretation of Russia’s liabilities according to the mentioned agreement and support them in a corresponding legal way.

      Until the completion of the talks and making the final decision the Russian side meets interests of Ukrainian citizens arriving to Russia.

      This undoubtedly affords to keep intense business, cultural and humanitarian exchange already existing between the two countries.