Hanne Severinsen (Denmark, ALDE) and Renate Wohlwend (Liechtenstein, EPP), the co-rapporteurs of the Monitoring Committee of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE), today called on Ukraine’s political forces to come to an agreement on building democratic institutions, carrying out legal reform and fighting corruption, despite political infighting, according to the CE press-office.

Speaking at a press conference at the conclusion of an eight-day monitoring visit, the co-rapporteurs said they wanted to be able to recommend the lifting of full-scale monitoring but needed credible assurances from the Ukrainian authorities that they were “committed to engaging in serious, coherent and well-targeted reforms”.

They said there were “positive signs”, including a possible breakthrough in reform of the judiciary, but also said “substantial concerns remained”, listing a series of measures to be taken as regards constitutional reform, local government, corruption and the media.