The International Monetary Fund said on Thursday it would resume stalled negotiations with Ukraine, which is seeking a $19 billion loan, starting on June 21, according to Reuters.

The ex-Soviet republic, which needs the money to help its economy recover after a 15 percent contraction last year and bridge a budget gap, has been trying to convince the Fund that it can meet tight fiscal targets.

IMF executives paid a brief visit to Ukraine this week to meet senior government officials. Max Alier, the IMF`s resident representative to Ukraine, said talks focused on a 2010 fiscal target and reforms to boost growth.

"Discussions focused on fiscal policies to achieve the 2010 fiscal target and set the debt firmly on a declining path, and structural reforms, in particular on financial and energy sectors, to place Ukraine on a path towards stability and growth," Alier said in a statement.

The IMF this month urged Ukraine to move faster in cutting budget deficit and reducing inflation -- steps that may require painful reforms such as raising utility tariffs.