The Ukrainian Security Service believes the Moscow mayor`s remarks during his visit to Sevastopol contravened the Ukrainian Constitution and plans to question him, a spokesperson said Wednesday, according to RIA Novosti.

      Yury Luzhkov`s statements could provoke protests against NATO in Ukraine and lead to mass disorder, said Marina Ostapenko, press secretary for the chairman of the Ukrainian Security Service.

      She added that the Service and the country`s foreign ministry intended to question Luzhkov before planning further action.

      The official said Luzhkov might be prohibited from "entering the country" or face administrative fines.

      Luzhkov visited the Crimea on February 21. The Ukrainian foreign ministry described his speech in Sevastopol, where he said he doubted the status of the Crimea as part of Ukraine, could escalate social tension, disrupt good-neighborly relations and strategic partnership between Ukraine and Russia.