Victor Yushchenko has sent a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin to offer sympathy over yesterday’s explosion at the Ulyanovskaya mine and today’s fire in an old people’s home in southern Russia, according to the President`s press-office.

“People`s death is always a great loss for any country and a formidable tragedy for their relatives. On behalf of the Ukrainian nation, I would like to present my heartfelt condolences to you, families of the victims and the Russian nation,” he said.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych expressed condolences to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mykhaylo Fradkov on a terrible death of miners at the Ulyanovsk mine of Kemerovo region, according to the government’s press-office.

“On behalf of the Government of Ukraine and personally express deep condolences. We sincerely grieve with the families of miners and share the pain of irreparable loss”, the mournful telegram says addressed to Mykhaylo Fradkov.