Two floods and other rain-triggered disasters that hit northwest China`s Shaanxi Province in the past 11 days had left at least 111 dead and 167 missing, provincial authorities said Sunday, according to Xinhua.

The first floods, from the rain-swollen Hanjiang River and its tributaries, hit Shaanxi`s Ankang, Hanzhong, and Shangluo cities from July 14 to 19. Another flood that began Thursday worsened the catastrophe.

The floods have affected about 4.25 million people and forced 703,000 people to be evacuated. In the worst-hit Ankang City, 63 people were killed, 119 missing and 2,824 injured, according to a statement from the provincial government.

The floods also caused an estimated economic loss of 9.56 billion yuan. Officials noted that more than 71,000 people were mobilized to assist in the flood control.