The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine considers it possible to revise the Ukrainian-Russian agreements on the Russian naval base staying in Ukraine, depending on the market situation.

      According to an UNIAN correspondent, MFA press-service chief Vassyl Fylypchuk claimed this to a press conference today, commenting on the statement of Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin, who said that the respective agreements, signed in 1997, must be basic, and no revision of the rent is possible.

      “As they may revise the agreement on gas prices, which was signed for several years, because the corresponding conditions are changing, we does not see any grounds not to revise in the same manner all the other issues, which are also exposed to the influence of the market situation”, V.Fylypchuk said.

      He stressed that, as the Russian Naval base is temporarily staying at the Ukrainian territory, a good will of both the countries is necessary. And each side must take into account the stance of the other.

      According to V.Fylypchuk, none of the bilateral issues, including the Russian naval base’s temporary stay in Ukraine, can be torn off from the general context of developing the bilateral relations.