The UN in Ukraine Resident Coordinator issued a statement on the current situation in the country on behalf of the United Nations Country Team in Ukraine on 4 April, according to UN press release.

      The statement reads as follows: “The Resident Coordinator of the United Nations in Ukraine, Mr. Francis M. O’Donnell, who represents the UN Secretary-General, following consultations and agreement with the accredited Representatives/Heads of Mission of IAEA, ILO, IOM, UNAIDS, UNDP, UNFPA, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNODC, WHO, and the IMF, IFC, and World Bank, has called on Ukraine’s political leadership, legislative authority and judiciary and all political factions, to continue to adhere to the following principles in overcoming current political tensions, namely, to:

      • Promote and maintain full respect for democratic values and the rule of law

      • Engage in and promote the use of constructive dialogue to reach agreements

      • Avoid hostile or provocative rhetoric in all circumstances

      • Seek legitimate solutions to de-escalate tensions and reach agreements

      • Maintain public morale and confidence in the legitimacy of executive, legislative, and judiciary institutions

      • Uphold the right to peaceful assembly and non-violent protest subject only to public order

      • Do no harm: ensure that no action is undertaken that would endanger the lives of any individual human being nor any group whatsoever

      • Seek, if needed, neutral and impartial mediators to facilitate resolution of any prolonged political deadlock

      • Ensure respect for human dignity, and the human rights of all individuals and groups, including children, women, and the elderly, or any persons who may be vulnerable or at risk

      • Uphold complete public accountability for all political actions, and ensure no impunity from prosecution for any party suspected of violating human rights.

      In this regard, the Resident Coordinator also referred to the consolidated Policy Recommendations for consideration by the State Authorities of Ukraine, which were addressed to the President, the Prime Minister, and the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament), on 31 January 2007, and which consisted of five main recommendations of the United Nations County Team of Agencies, with a particular emphasis on strengthening democracy in all spheres, and resolving constitutional uncertainties through a process that adheres to democratic standards and achieves a balance in the separation of powers within the State, and which would equally enable civil society to flourish without bureaucratic impediments, by reforming the legal framework in a liberal manner, and facilitating social dialogue and full enjoyment of rights by all. The Resident Coordinator encourages all to use this solemn week to reflect on heritage, sacrifices, and freedom, and to use this time to re-dedicate together to fundamental values, for personal renewal and the highest standards of integrity in public life.”