Swiss conglomerate Martlet Air Group AG (registered in the canton of Zurich, Switzerland), is an investment group comprised of British, German and Ukrainian development companies that implementing investment projects related to the development of airports and air transportation infrastructure, the press service of Shanti Capital Ltd disclosed this to UNIAN.

Martlet Air Group AG owns the rights of legal ownership of the following airports:

- Berdyansk (East Ukraine) - is used as a back-up technical basis for the planned repair works and life extension of aircraft;

- Vinnitsa (central Ukraine, 270 km. from Kiev), used as the main export logistics terminal in Ukraine for the export of food products from such manufacturers as Nemiroff, Tulchinka, Shargorod, Gaisin, Sandora, Roshen ect. In other words, it is 86% of the total export production of alcoholic beverages, butter, milk, chocolate, meat, sugar and juice, produced in Ukraine.

- Uzhgorod (airport has a common border with Slovakia, and is located in a picturesque mountainous region of western Ukraine)

The aircrafts land in the part of Slovakia, and based in Ukraine. The airport can be used for export to Europe through Ukraine of those goods which for any reason can not be imported directly into the European Union through the air. For example, exports of Chinese goods, which can not be imported directly to the Chinese sides, because of their non compliance with EU environmental requirements. The airport is equipped systems warehouses.

- Sevastopol and Simferopol (Crimean airports). Airports used to serve the system of recreation, tourism, entertainment, theme parks and game zones.

- Strausberg (20 km. east of Berlin, Germany), used as a base VIP airport serve VIP aircraft types such Embraer, Falcon or Cessna.

Martlet Air Group AG plans to create a network of low-cost - low-budget airlines, as well as creating a powerful infrastructure for the sale of new and previously operated aircrafts of all types. The basic service will include sales, maintenance, life extension, certification of equipment and personnel, as well as the training centre.

Currently, the company conducts an audit of their projects in one of the best-known auditing companies in the world.

Beginning of the project can be considered in September 2010 at the airport Vinnitsa, where the infrastructure charter and low budget air transportation.

Currently, the company`s representatives are working to create a centralized system of selling aircraft.

We will continue to keep readers informed of Martlet Air Group AG plan’s development.