French upper house of parliament adopted the final text of pension reform on Tuesday, concreting its way to becoming law by the end of this month, according to Xinhua.

With 177 votes for and 151 against, the final text decided by a cross-parliament commission a day before passed the examination of the Senators in spite of students` protesting outside the Senate building.

"It`s a historical vote," Labor Minister Eric Woerth commented after the vote.

Meanwhile, in the afternoon, over 1000 student protesters rallied outside the Senate House on the left bank of Seine protesting against the close-to-be-law pension reform bill, Xinhua reporter observed.

Their sit-in protest was peaceful and in order, kept a certain distance away by police guarding the Senate building.

The final revised pension reform bill including a package of amendments will be reviewed by the National Assembly on Wednesday.

The Senate house started debate over the controversial reform on October 5. After three weeks discussion along with loud street outcry against the reform, the senators adopted last Friday the reform bill with 177 ballots versus 153.

The bill is destined to be law after the adoption by Senate House and is very likely to be passed by the National Assembly given the majority seats held by the ruling party.

However, trade unions didn`t bow down. They have scheduled two more nationwide actions on Thursday and November 6 to protest the retirement reform.