Russian parliamentarian Konstantin Zatulin has been banned again from entering Ukraine, his Ukrainian lawyer Andriy Fedur said Monday, according to RIA Novosti.

Zatulin and Vladimir Zhirinovsky, senior members of the lower house of Russia`s parliament, were prohibited from entering Ukraine last June.

Fedur said the Russian MP wanted to take part in a court session on the entry denial case in Kyiv, but a source in the Ukrainian Security Service said the session was due May 16.

"Konstantin Zatulin was supposed to arrive in Kiev to take part in a court session scheduled for today, but it has been postponed until May 16," Fedur said. "At 12:07 [8:07 GMT] the Ukrainian Security Service told me that Zatulin will not be allowed to enter Ukraine."

But the source in the security service said that the date had never been changed.

"Zatulin`s lawyer Fedur has either mixed up the date or has changed the month on purpose, creating inconvenience for Zatulin, and grounds to interpret it as a provocation in difficult times for Ukraine, adding to the destabilization in the Ukrainian political situation," the source said.