President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko applied to European Union for help in corruption fighting in Ukraine, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

The President noted it today at the International Investment Forum in Kyiv Oblast. “Kyivshchyna Strategies: Partnership, Investments, Development”.

“I applied to European Union for the official help in organizing corruption fight in Ukraine”, Yushchenko said.

V.Yushchenko also pointed out that Ukraine “successfully fights political corruption”, which is an obstacle in a business development.

The President is convinced that the country must think of every manufacturer, who can provide at least one working place in the country.

“The country should become a servant for a manufacturer in order to give him administrative and legal opportunities, so that the manufacturer could feel important in the organization of market relationships”, Yushchenko claimed. He is convinced that the country should not manufacture but provide the manufacturer with a comfort fiscal and legal security.

According to the President, there are 2 draft laws on judicial system, 6 draft laws on corruption fighting.

The second important aspect, according to Yushchenko, is fiscal process management. “These are two “Achilles’ heels” as of today, which complicate a dialogue between the business and the authority. These codes are written and submitted for future Parliament consideration”, the President pointed out.