Ukraine has invited Croatia to take part in infrastructure development projects to host the Euro 2012 finals, President Victor Yushchenko told reporters on Thursday after talks in Zagreb, which he described as “constructive and effective” , according to the President`s press-office.

      Yushchenko said the negotiations had also focused on economic, humanitarian and European issues.

      The president praised “dynamic political contacts” between the two countries in the past two years. “I am convinced such contacts help resolve many key issues on our agenda,” he said, adding that the import/export rate between Ukraine and Croatia had grown by several times in the past years and was expected to grow by 80% (USD 200 mln) in 2007. Yushchenko said the two countries were also developing investment cooperation, especially in infrastructure and pharmaceutical projects.

      Speaking about how to liberalize Croatia’s visa requirements for Ukrainian citizens, the head of state said both foreign ministers would soon hold talks on the issue. “We have agreed on key principles to settle the problem,” he said.

      Yushchenko thanked Croatia for supporting the local Ukrainian community and pledged to support Ukraine’s Croatian minority. The two sides also discussed when to hold Days of the Ukrainian culture in Croatia and Days of the Croatian culture in Ukraine.

      They agreed Ukraine would “emerge stronger and more united” from its political crisis.

      President Stjepan Mesic of Croatia said such talks “positively affect the integrity of our bilateral relationship,” adding that both countries should build even closer ties.