Ukraine did not give any cause for complicating the Russian–Ukrainian relations. President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko claimed this to a press conference today.

      According to an UNIAN correspondent, Victor Yushchenko stressed he has been watching with anxiety the recent developments.

      “I would like to assure you that Ukraine doesn’t give any cause for complications,” emphasized the President.

      V. Yushchenko noted: “The state of Ukraine is going through a difficult exam today, but the Ukrainian nation can give an answer to all the challenges which the state is facing today.” At the same time, the President noted, that the political crisis in Ukraine was settled by peaceful means, by means of a complicated politic dialogue. “I don’t want to draw any parallels. But it seems to me, that about 15 years ago some of our neighbors, in order to settle the crisis, needed to bring in forces and fire the parliament to receive the answer, which the Ukrainian political forces and political institutions received by means of extremely difficult political negotiations,” underlined V.Yushchenko.

      The President is also convinced, that the way, which Ukraine went trough in order to settle the crisis, can be an evidence of high democratization of the country. “It’s a Ukrainian view on our own life, and we wouldn’t like that somebody permit oneself to comment on the internal and, especially, the political life”, said V.Yushchenko.

      According to his words, “we solve the problems, existing inside the nation, by democratic means in the frame of international traditions, and we don’t give any reason to speak about the use of force or other incorrect methods”, noted the President.

      As UNIAN reported earlier, speaking about the situation of democracy outside Russia,V.Putin said in an interview to western mass media: “I don’t even speak about the post Soviet area. There was a sole hope for Ukraine, but they discredited themselves completely, things are heading toward an entire tyranny. The full breach of the Constitution, of all the laws and so on and so forth."