Expert of the Gorshenin’s Institute Vladimir Zastava supposes that President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, criticizing Ukraine, in reality upbraids the USA.

In his comment to UNIAN he said that the recent statements of V.Putin concerning the tyranny in the power of Ukraine and the eventual rise in prices on Russian energy resources should be considered in a global political context, but not in the Russian-Ukrainian context.

V.Zastava doesn’t leave out that the statements nonrandom were made on the eve of the G8 Summit and were addressed, first of all, to its participants.

The expert reminds that in the world’s informational area politicians from Europe and the USA in increasing frequency accuse V. Putin of curtailing democratic transformations in Russia. V.Zastava is convinced that, because of that, the President of the Russian Federation has to defend his positions and make the statements in return. Particularly, as expert admitted, for the first time during the last years, V.Putin highlighted the topic of redirecting the Russian missile installations towards Europe. As for Ukraine, the President of Russia sends “two messages”, said the expert of the Gorshenin’s Institute.

According to his words, the first message is the following: Russia can increase the gas price for Ukraine, that will lead to the Ukraine`s actions in return by way of increasing the tariffs of gas transiting through the Ukrainian pipe to Europe. This process is dangerous due to its uncertainty and possible suspending the energy resources supply to European consumers, said V.Zastava.

“It is possible to recollect, when there were a confrontation between Russia and Belarus at the beginning on this year, and its results. Finally, the Russian gas price, which includes costs for the transportation through Ukraine, will increase for European countries as well”, said V. Zastava.

According to the opinion of the expert, the second message of V.Putin is about the infringement of the Constitution, that leads to the usurpation and tyranny. “ By these statements, V.Putin is making hints that American initiatives concerning the democratization in the countries of the former Soviet Union do not work, and that Russia is not worse. So it is an attempt to draw aside the accusations from itself and “to transfer arrows” to the USA side and their satellites in Eastern Europe”, admitted expert.