Tens of thousands Greek protesters on Sunday took part in a second pan-European major day of protest against austerity as they staged a massive rally in front of the parliament building in Athens and joined a string of demonstrations in cities across Greece, according to Xinhua.

Under stepped up security measures, protesters shouted slogans such as "People of Europe rise up" and made noisy appearances with whistles, drums and pans.

Waving banners and Greek, Spanish, Italian and Argentine flags, the demonstrators joined their voices with protesters in Spain and Italy in a live internet streaming, requesting a "better future."

Under increasing pressure from the European Union and International Monetary Fund lenders, debt-ridden Greece is due to introduce a new round of austerity and structural reform measures this week, including a major privatization plan, in order to secure further funding which is considered vital to escape default.

Greece narrowly escaped default last year through a first multibillion euro aid.