President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko congratulated President of the USA George Bush on the national holiday – the Independence Day.

According to the press-service of the President of Ukraine, in his congratulation, V. Yushchenko noted that “millions of American citizens and also friends of the USA all over the world observe birthday of the great nation, which became the example of freedom, democracy, free market economy and life standards for whole humanity”.

According to the President of Ukraine words, “We are proud that the USA has always been and stays a sincere friend and reliable partner of Ukraine”.

“From the first days of existences of the young Ukrainian state, the USA became its assistant, adviser in an uneasy way of introducing the political and economical reforms, creating the state institutions and seeking for the appropriate place in international arena”, the congratulation reads.

Also V. Yushchenko noted that during the last fifteen years the strong basis of Ukrainian – American relations has been created, which now reached a real strategic partnership level.

The President of Ukraine expressed conviction that “the cooperation between our states, which includes different spheres of political, economic and cultural life will be strengthen in future on the basis of traditional friendship and high level of mutual understanding”.

V. Yushchenko assured G. Bush that, in spite of all difficulties of the transition period and establishment of young democracy, Ukraine will confidently and steadily continue to build a civil society and modern market economy, full-fledged integration into European and Euro Atlantic structures.

The President of Ukraine wished his American counterpart “a strong health, family wellbeing and inspiration in Your important state activity, and to friendly American people – peace and prosperity”.