Defense Ministers of Ukraine and Russia Anatoliy Hrytsenko and Anatoliy Serdiukov discussed a number of issues concerning upgrading different kinds of weapons and materiel.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, Defense Minister of Ukraine Anatoliy Hrytsenko claimed this to journalists today after a meeting with Russian Defense Minister Anatyoliy Serdiukov, which took place within the frames of the second session of the subcommittee for security issues of the Ukrainian-Russian Interstate Commission.

‘We discussed issues, which open opportunities for upgrading antiaircraft rocket complexes of the Land and Air Forces of Ukraine, and also prolonging the resource of mine and torpedo kinds of armaments”, he said.

He pointed out that both the countries are interested in this issue.

A.Hrytsenko also disclosed they discussed the issue of preparing an agreement, which will be signed at the third session of the subcommittee, concerning sharing the information about transferring Igla and Strela antiaircraft complexes to third countries.

“This will be a contribution of Ukraine and Russia into strengthening security in the whole world”, A.Hrytsenko emphasized.