The cockpit voice recorder of the An-12 plane which crashed in Far East on Tuesday was found on Thursday, an emergencies ministry spokesman said, according to RIA Novosti.

"The cockpit voice recorder was found at 2:45 Moscow time [22:45 GMT Wednesday]," the source said.

The flight data recorder was recovered late on Wednesday.

The recovery of bodies from the wreckage will begin right after investigators document the positioning of all plane fragments.

So far, all 11 people who were onboard the plane are presumed dead, but officially listed as missing.

"The location of every fragment is vital for establishing the cause of the crash and making a clear picture of what had happened. That`s why we do not touch anything at the crash site. The search for victims will begin only after investigators do their job," a spokeswoman for the regional transport prosecutors` department, Natalya Salkina, said.

Fragments of the plane are scattered in a radius of 5 km (3 miles).

The investigation team will include about 20 experts from Khabarovsk, Moscow-based Interstate Aviation Committee and the Far Eastern transport investigation department. It will arrive to the crash site on Thursday.

The plane, bound from the city of Magadan to the Chukotka Autonomous Area in Russia`s extreme northeast, was carrying 11 people and around 18 metric tons of cargo. It disappeared from radars some 300 km (186 miles) from its takeoff point shortly after reporting a fuel leak and fire in an engine. No survivors have been found.

Before the crash, the An-12 was used for 48 years, and investigators say a technical malfunction and pilot error could be to blame for the accident.