President Victor Yushchenko on Tuesday spoke to Hungary’s business and political leaders in Budapest, according to the President`s press-office.

The president said Ukraine’s steady economic growth and stable microeconomic climate created favorable conditions for developing the country’s business dialogue with Hungary and suggested that both states implement joint projects.

Yushchenko said ministers of the two countries would meet in Ukraine’s Uzhgorod in September to discuss ways to develop and preserve the Carpathian ecosystem.

Speaking about energy cooperation, he said Ukraine and Hungary could participate in the Druzhba-Adria Pipeline Integration Project and modernize the Burshtyn Energy Island. He added that Hungary may also rent Ukraine’s gas storage facilities.

The president described the Druzhba-Adria project as “expedient and having great prospects” and said the renewal of the Burshtyn Energy Island was “in the context of Europe’s energy policy.” “We call on your side, which has good experience, to join our efforts and start this project.”

Yushchenko said the project to lease Ukraine’s gasholders could be “very interesting, promising and profitable.”

Then the president was presented with an award by the Istvan Szechenyi Society. Budapest’s Mayor Gábor Demszky gave him a symbolic key to the Hungarian capital.