The Cabinet of Ministers has ruled that foreigners, arriving in Ukraine or going through its territory, are allowed to cross the Ukraine border only if they prove the sufficient financing of their stay in Ukraine.

The text of the respective government’s decree #917 of 11 July, 2007, signed by Prime Minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych, was posted at the government’s web site.

In particular, the government approved of the list of countries, which citizens have to prove their creditability.

The foreigners, who are citizens of the countries in the list, must have means that exceed by 20 times the living wage in Ukraine for every month of staying in the country (nearly USD 2 thousand for a month), as of the day of arrival in Ukraine.

Since April 1, the living wage in Ukraine makes 525 hryvnias, and since October 1 it will increase to 532 hryvnias.