Protesters against Wall Street greed and other grievances continued to have meetings and forums in Manhattan`s Financial District on Sunday, even after nearly 800 protesters were arrested Saturday afternoon in a tense confrontation with police when their march spilled onto Brooklyn Bridge roadway, according to Xinhua.

The group "Occupy Wall Street" against the corrupt practices of the financial cooperates and government`s bailout that helped drive the majority of U.S. citizens into difficulty have been camped out at Zuccotti Park, the private plaza off Broadway the protesters have occupied, for nearly three weeks.

Saturday afternoon, thousands of demonstrators swarmed the Brooklyn Bridge, while nearly 800 of them spilled onto roadway, shutting down the Brooklyn-bound lanes of the bridge for several hours.

The ones proceeded on the car lanes were arrested for disorderly conduct, according to New York Police Department spokesman.

To respond to protestors` claims that cops set a trap for them by initially allowing them to march, then arresting them without warning, the NYPD released videos Sunday showing that before the arrest a captain with a bullhorn warned the protesters of arrest for disorderly conduct.

Police said that the majority of those arrested were released.