The White House on Monday officially responded to public requests on the existence of aliens, saying it has no evidence that extraterrestrials have ever tried to contact humans, according to RIA Novosti.

Two separate petitions had been lodged on a White House website “We The People” (open government initiative to allow average Americans to bring their concerns directly to the president and his administration): “Immediately disclose the government’s knowledge of and communications with extraterrestrial beings” and “formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race – Disclosure.” Both petitions combined have over 17,000 signatures.

"The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race," senior space policy and communications official Phil Larson wrote.

"In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public`s eye."

Larson, however, said that the possibility of extraterrestrial life is discussed and explored, including several NASA projects and did not rule out the idea that it could exist.

"Many scientists and mathematicians have ... come to the conclusion that the odds are pretty high that somewhere among the trillions and trillions of stars in the universe there is a planet other than ours that is home to life."