Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych and US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia David Kramer have discussed political and economic situation in Ukraine, according to the government’s press-office.

In particular, the Head of Ukraine’s Govt briefed his interlocutor about holding on August 1 the enlarged sitting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine which concerned the results of economic and social development of Ukraine during the first half of 2007.

PM stressed that positive mark of macroeconomic showings of Ukraine’s development is given not only by national experts but either international specialists, including the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Despite the complicated political situation we have received positive results according to our own Ukrainian marks as well as marks of IMF and WB experts, Viktor Yanukovych said.

At this the Head of Government informed that over the first half-year GDP growth amounted 7.9%, increase of industrial production is at the level of 12%, inflation – 4.2%, investment growth – 32%.

The demonstrative result of the Govt over this period is rise of salary by 25% in average and pensions by 20%, while unemployment level went down being 2.6%, Viktor Yanukovych was quoted as saying.

The Head of Government explained that this year salary has been increased twice for budget employees and September is the next round of its growth and added, that to realize this stage of salary increase isn’t simple as huge resources are to be attracted so it is of great significance for Ukraine to cooperate with partners abroad.

Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych also stressed that Ukraine sees gradual improvement of balance in foreign trade, shortening of its negative outstanding balance.

The meeting also dealt with politic situation in Ukraine.

Viktor Yanukovych particularly noted that the Govt is not enthusiastic about the idea of holding snap Parliamentary elections though he stressed on their importance to overcome the political contradiction.

PM emphasized on the intention to keep to the understanding achieved with President and VR Speaker on May 27.

The Head of the Government sees situation during the elections as predictable. “The society is determined with their preferences now and the elections would dot our “i’s” and cross our “t’s”. We are concerned about fair and transparent elections,” he stressed.

Viktor Yanukovych highlighted the significance of work of international observers during the elections, including the USA. “I’ll make every effort to have democratic elections held,” PM promised.

In his turn David Kramer announced that the USA is eager to “see fair free elections once more”.

Besides, the sides have discussed prospects of European integration of Ukraine and the process of accedence to the World Trade Organization. Viktor Yanukovych expressed his hope that by the year’s close Ukraine will become the WTO member.