South Ossetia’s Supreme Court on Tuesday declared null and void the outcome of the November 27 runoff presidential elections because of violations, court spokesman Atsamaz Bichenov said, according to RIA Novosti.

New elections will be held within two months, Bichenov went on, adding that opposition candidate Alla Dzhioyeva will be unable to take part in it.

“Alla Dzhioyeva cannot take part in the new presidential elections. She is deprived of this right as the court established violations,” Bichenov said.

South Ossetia’s Supreme Court on Tuesday began reviewing complaints over violations during the runoff. They were filed by the ruling Unity party.

With the official outcome of the runoff unannounced, the two candidates in the race have both claimed victory.

As of Monday, former Education Minister Dzhioyeva had 56.74 percent of the vote with 74 of 85 districts tallied, the Central Electoral Commission said. But Dzhioyeva`s rival, Emergencies Minister Anatoly Bibilov, claimed to have a seven-percentage point lead in the voting.