U.S. President Barack Obama has been ordered to appear in court on Thursday to answer claims he isn’t a natural born citizen, and therefore, can’t be US president, according to The Asian Age.

It maybe recalled that in April last year, Obama had released his long-form birth certificate to end once and for all, he thought, the bizarre and long-running conspiracy theory that he’s not a real American.

Yet, according to Sky News, Judge Michael Malihi has ordered Obama to attend court in Atlanta to answer a complaint made by a resident of Georgia that Obama’s name should not be on the state’s presidential primary ballot in March.

Judge Malihi denied a motion by the president’s lawyer to quash a subpoena that requires Obama to attend court.

Aides to the president have said that any attempt to involve him in cases like this will fail because they have no merit.

Similar cases have proved unsuccessful in the past.

That hasn’t stopped ‘birther-in-chief’ Orly Taitz claiming the judge’s ruling as a victory for the movement.

“This will be 100 times bigger than Watergate,” she told the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer.

She added: “There are high ranking judges and federal officials who are involved in this cover up. The ramifications of this trial will be enormous.”

The Asian Age