German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday called for "even greater changes" to the status quo of the crisis-mired eurozone, while warning that pampering debt-wrecked eurozone member countries would do a "disservice" to the future of the euro currency, according to Xinhua.

Merkel, who has come to the limelight of controversy with her stubborn attitude to impose the rigorous budgetary stringency to other eurozone member countries, made the remarks in a joint interview with six leading European newspapers.

She urged all the parties concerned to make greater efforts and realize "a very, very big change."

"If we stop short of pushing forward these efforts, but only be simply nice to one another and attenuate all the initiatives to reform, then that could be a disservice to Europe," Merkel said.

She added that it would be pointless to promise more money without tackling the causes of the crisis.

The German Chancellor also cautioned that Germany itself had to watch out in order not to run out of steam as pressure from the financial assistance and rescue packages kept mounting.

"After all, our capacities aren`t infinite, and overstretching ourselves wouldn`t help us or the EU as a whole," she said.